NPC Charity Project

And the end of last year I began a charity project, inspired by the humanitarian crisis surrounding the war in Ukraine. It came about from trying to work out what I could possibly do to help, given that I had no relevant skills to providing aid in a crisis zone.

My solution was to stick to what I knew, which was writing. I wrote a fantasy novel, entitled NPC, dipping into the LitRPG subgenre and using some ideas I had been nursing for a while about a story with an emotional core as well as fantasy trappings.

The resulting novel can be found at for Pay What You Want. All the proceeds go to Medicins Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders), who are not only working in Ukraine but in crisis-hit areas all over the world. I am hoping I can do more projects like this in the future, finding out what writing can do for me beyond what I have done previously.


It’s Space Year 2023, which seems to have happened without any intervening time between now and the turn of the millennium.

Goals? Resolutions? I’ve got out of the habit of setting myself must-haves for the New Year. Instead, I’ll go through some thoughts that occurred to me on this entirely arbitrary marking of the passage off time:

I might get a 3D printer. As complicated and troublesome as it seems to bee, this would let me print model parts for conversions and dioramas.

I want to incept some larger personal creative projects, along with the regular writing work. Art? More writing? Who knows? I’ll decide when I get the free brainspace to start something.

I am aiming to attend Salute this year, to give me an excuse to paint some competition miniatures and spend a whole lot of money on toy soldiers.