I just bought the core set for Shatterpoint, the new game set in the Star Wars universe. I promised myself I wouldn’t buy into any new games for a while but such oaths are meant to be broken. The main appeal was the miniatures, which are slightly larger scale than in Star Wars Legion and significantly better in terms of sculpting and moulding. In addition the publishers, Atomic Mass Games, make Marvel Crisis Protocol which is probably the miniatures game I enjoy the most.

I was reminded how fun it is to let myself ride a wave of hype. Selecting a small number of interesting miniatures or games, and getting pleasantly stoked up until it comes out, is a simple pleasure that I have come to really appreciate. Instead of buying everything, or impulse purchasing at random, it feels a lot better to make an informed choice about which forthcoming models or games will be fun to make a project out of.

Of course, nothing is really going to stop me having a moment of weakness and buying something on impulse. But it’s always best to have a plan, even when it comes to indulging in my love for tiny toy spacemen.